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Cleaning Service

For professional cleaners like us who do this for a living, it is important to be as methodical as possible for several reasons.Firstly, the success or failure of our business rests on customer satisfaction. We won’t be getting repeat clients if we fail to deliver high-quality cleaning services.


Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning involves a variety of cleaning services catered to offices, warehouses, malls, movie theatres, restaurants, hotels, and other entertainment centers. Commercial cleaning services can be divided into two parts: regular cleaning and deep cleaning.


Post Construction

Construction can sometimes surprise us with unexpected problems. But don't worry! Clear Image DC is ready to help you reach your deadlines. We want your business to be shining clean and super neat for its grand opening day.


Office Cleaning

Office cleaning gives a good first impression to your customers and visitors, as well as enhancing your staff’s physical and emotional wellbeing. Reducing viruses, allergens, dust, and mould makes your team healthier and more productive.